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Office Back Support

Back Pain In an Office Job

I have actually had back issues for a while suffering from trapped nerves coupled with sitting with a bad posture for over a decade in my job. We had our “wellbeing” department come round and asses our chairs and sitting posture and as a result everyone got new ergonomic chairs however it really still didn’t help my back pain all that much.

I thought it was time to try and find a product that at least might help reduce the pain. I stumbled across BackSoothers on my internet searches and made a purchase.

Having tried it out I find that the support is very well balanced around the entire core. For me where this really comes into its own is when having sat down in the same position for a few hours (when the pain usually starts to kick into high gear) this keeps the pain at bay. The following may not sound like a success to others but for me to be able to sit comfortably for 10 hours without arching my back like a crazy cat is a God send.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this product as it really helped me and on a personal level allowed me to comfortably go home and actually play with my children rather than sitting on my bed with a hot water bottle.

Veronica Smith

Operation Recovery Aid

Operation Recovery Aid

Having suffered with intermittent chronic back pain for many years due to a slipped disc, decided to look online for something which may help alleviate the pain. Having tried a few back supports in the past without success I gave up on the idea until my pain got worse and if it meant I could cut back on the amount of painkillers I was taking then it would be worthwhile.

I had done some research which lead me to give BackSoothers supports a try added with the peace of mind of a 30-day money back guarantee and my own protection from PayPal there was no risk in giving it a try; I am extremely glad I did!

I started out using the support for a few hours a day in week 1, now in week 3 I even sleep in it! Ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, much earlier than I expected using standard free delivery. I Would honestly recommend to anyone who suffers with lower back pain.

Sturdy Velcro fixture on a high quality product, comfortable to wear and does not look too cumbersome under clothing, although when in such pain that is last thing you think about! Excellent product and amazing value, I wouldn't be without it. Hoping it will now help me cut back on expensive chiropractic treatments. Thank you

James McGarry

Sports Injury Recovery

Sports Injury Recovery

Love it, I purchased a back support from another company which was fairly good but not enough to allow normal movement without pain so purchased this from BackSoothers. Being an avid attender at the gym (6 days a week) I put out my back doing too much weight and the pain was nothing like I had ever had before.

I just wanted something urgent and came across BackSoothers, I selected the heavy duty one as I felt it was what I needed with the pain I was suffering and my general build.

Wow! It works a treat as it allows for normal life to continue, I even do a small workout at the gym while wearing the support (no weights though!)

Thanks BackSoothers!

Tim Robins

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Back Soothers works with chiropractors and focus groups to ensure we provide a wide range of lumbar supports to help restore your natural body movement and provide pain relief.